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5 Ways to Create Quality Blog Content and Grow Your Audience


This is my best blogging advice. I used to struggle with providing consistent content. I’d get stuck on a single idea for days at a time wanting to get it exactly right. That all changed when I learned to serve up my big ideas in multiple courses. Instead of treating every post like a magnum opus, I began to think of them as parts of a whole.


In addition to thinking small, I recommend being redundant. These are two halves of the same piece of advice. To think small means to have a slice of the cake that is your big idea. Repeating yourself is like going back for seconds. Your best ideas deserve repeat attention. Don’t struggle to amass a wealth of original ideas. You may only have a few good ideas. Don’t take them for granted. Love them. Explore them. Take them bowling. You’re only truly redundant if you don’t get to know your ideas, if you always make the same casserole without ever toying with the recipe. Great bloggers know this trick. They are known for their big ideas because they won’t shut up about them. (more…)

Why Inconsistency Is Stabbing You In The Back

Day after day, you wonder why you don’t seem to be making any progress. You look left for the solution, and then you look right. In every direction you look there never seems to be an answer to get money. The problems for most people are right behind, but you never see it. Some days you’re in the mood to run a mile and back. Other days you don’t feel like getting out of your bed.

The motivation you carry to get what needs to be done all depends on your mood. It’s challenging to always keep your enthusiasm high especially when doing anything you don’t enjoy. Maybe it’s time to change a career? There are career aptitude tests that can help you with making a right career move.

If inconsistency that’s stabbing you in the back read on and make a right choice.

More Bad Days, Rather Than Good No matter who you are, we all know the meaning of struggle. You struggle to get out of bed in the morning. You struggle to take that early morning jog when you know it’s needed. Every of your days is a new day to struggle.


Would You Cut Up Your Credit Cards?

So my husband and I are very fortunate in that we are about to pay off all of our credit card debt. This will leave us with student loans and a mortgage (possibly a car payment in our future but that’s another post). There are a lot of frugalists who shout cut up your credit cards, but it’s a debate here. Many who advise cutting up credit cards say it’s so you don’t go into debt again. There’s a part of me that believes that if you are capable of going into debt again, you will find a way. I don’t think having a credit card will make the difference, it just makes it more convenient. I do like credit cards for the fact that it puts a barrier between my bank accountant most of my bills. For example, I do automatic bill pay but only from my online banking system, I don’t give anyone access to my bank account. I would rather leave my ATM/Debit card at home and only carry cash and an emergency credit card.


Credit Where Credit Is Due

I was watching Netflix this morning and it reminded me of my high school years. I was considered a geek in high school, I guess, if I had to label it but I struggled a bit in Math & Science. A friend of mine is really responsible for me doing so well in those classes because he was always there to explain things to me and help me study. I actually had forgotten how much I relied on him in those classes. We’re not great friends and we never were, but for whatever reason, we always got along and somehow, just understood each other. He’s a fun guy, always has been, but he also took some things seriously, like helping me.

He’d come over for study groups and really help me with Physics especially. I liked Math but it wasn’t my strongest suit. I was pretty good at it but it took longer for me to get things. He was so wonderful in explaining things and not losing his patience with me. No wonder he is so good with kids. He has the patience of a saint. Basically, I just wanted to thank him for getting me through those difficult courses. He will not see this of course, but still I wanted to do it anyway and tell him that I pay back to the community.


I Hate Winter And Politics

So we got about 3-5 inches of snow last night and we’re supposed to get up to 8 inches today… The wind is blowing from 30-40 MPH and guess where I am? At home you might say because the University is closed, right? Um no. Every school district/college within a 90 mile radius of here is cancelled and where am I? In class because NIU is so damn ignorant. They are willing to risk people driving in these conditions than close the campus. Unreal. One of my classes was already cancelled by the professor since she’s driving in from Oak Park.

Professors were cancelling classes YESTERDAY. Shouldn’t that tell the University President something? Apparently not. I walked to the bus stop this morning with the parking lot not plowed, the sidewalks not shoveled… my legs were like ice.


EDIT: And they have since cancelled evening classes. I’ll admit, the wind is just absolutely awful but it wasn’t peachy earlier either. I hate this University!


3 Reasons People Say Practice For Exams Sucks

I work with students who are preparing for the HSE exams and again and again I hear them saying  the practice for exam sucks. Sure, I would like to be able pass any exam without preparation but it’s not realistic. Here’s 3 reasons people may not like practice tests or any other form of preparing for their GED or TASC (NYS chose the TASC exam other GED exam) : “It takes too much time!” Learning takes time. You have to learn every day on a consistent basis to get ready for the GED exam. The beauty of our GED practice website is that it basically spoon-feeds you the tools needed to do this, but all the tools in the world are useless when they’re not used! Learning requires work, but pays great dividends. For that reason, it’s only going to work for those people dedicated to creating and implementing a rock solid plan for success. The person who approaches this as another “nice thing to do” will probably fold when the going gets tough….and quite possibly say, “I tried to pass the GED….it sucks!”

“It’s Too Expensive” What? Compared to what? Not getting work you deserved is expensive. Sure, you’ll spend some money on the GED preparation at other places maybe, but our prep resources are free!. But you have to ask yourself the following questions about your business: (more…)

GED Students learn to respond to criticism

Soon or later you will run into criticism. The question is how will you respond to it? A normal reaction is to be defensive, and that’s quite often the point at which you need to take a deep breath and count to five.

Dale Carnegie in his classic book, How To Win Friends and Influence People, the edition I have is from the 1950’s but it’s principles are timeless which makes it such a classic. To quote him, “Criticism is futile because it puts a person on the defensive and makes him defend himself”.

So imagine a scenario where you are talking to a teacher who is there to help you get prepared for the GED exam, you explain challenges you face (you usual, work, family lack of time). The teacher responds, “But you are just looking for the excuse!” Your reaction may be to defend your point of view by explaining why it is not just lack of time.

Carnegie explains this will most probably cause resentment in your prospect and they will become defensive pushing their point of view. The correct course of action is to ask a question. Ask them why they you are lazy? Make sure to take notes, even if you are on the phone, this will give you time to process the points.

Now address the points by for example, in the case of a ‘being lazy’  show how many things you need to do to support your family. The key here is you are not disputing the person, you are giving them facts. It’s a process of education that overcomes criticism if anything will. As you know I help people to prepare for the GED exam and I talk with students and teachers. I agree that sometimes teachers are taught. They need to, it’s your job to make them understand your challenges. (more…)

Successful people live by a positive philosophy

In the introduction to his book The Slight Edge, Jeff Olsen emphasizes that ‘The Slight Edge’ is a philosophy. My idea of philosophy before reading this book was of a rather academic thing. Jeff however says that philosophy is basically your outlook on life, the values you live by.

Successful people have been found to live by a positive philosophy. He says a positive philosophy has some basic parts. A key part is that, counter to commonly held beliefs, truly successful people ‘get lucky all the time”, at school. work, relationship. However a legitimate top tier opportunity is never  “easy come”. I hear so often excuse after excuse, why people didn’t finish a school? because other get lucky they are victims. OMG, these people need not only math and science lessons, they need positive thinking course.

The story of the water hyacinth at the start of the book and shows the need to have these two things to be successful – persistence and time. If you plant a single water hyacinth in a pond it will cover an average sized pond in 30 days. The interesting thing about the story is several weeks can go by and you would never notice any real increase in the number of water hyacinths.

At day 15 you would notice a patch about the size of a mattress. By day 29 the pond would be 50% covered. Now your type of philosophy would come into play if you were asked, ‘Could the pond be covered by the remaining day?’ (more…)

Being a Leader like Attila the Hun

So you are looking at home internet businesses because you want a way to earn extra money. What many people fail to realise is the top tier opportunities will make you a Leader. By ‘make’ I mean you will be seen as one by the people you recruit whether you view yourself as a Leader or not.

I believe that great Leaders are made and not born. So the good news is that in work from home careers you can make yourself a great Leader. Wess Roberts in his business book classic, The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun explains the principles he believes great Leaders need to live by. Wess is a genius at using a real historical figure and real facts known about him and spinning them into today’s world for us to use.

Attila the Hun is a much misunderstood ruler principally because he came so close to ruling large parts of Western Europe. The Romans viewed him as a barbarian. Actually he was less barbaric than the Romans who threw Christians to the lions; he was also far less cruel than Ivan the Terrible, Cortes or Pizzaro.

The most fundamental principle about being a Leader according to Attila is; ‘you have got to want to be a Leader to become a Leader’. If you simply accept being a Leader you will fail and your business partners will leave your team. There are some key pointers to add to this principle: (more…)